Do You Take Criticism Personally?

Angry Life CoachesI was listening to an interview on the radio this week when all of a sudden the person being interviewed bristled when asked a question about whether any improper behavior had taken place under his watch.

He responded by saying, “I take that as a personal insult”.

My initial reaction was, seriously, you take that as a personally insult?

Bud, you need a whole team of Life Coaches and therapists if a simple question provokes that kind of response.

To me it didn’t sound anything like a personal insult, just a journalist searching for more information and trying to make an interview as interesting as possible for her listeners.

One of my favorite books ever and one that I cannot believe I left out of my 20 Greatest Self Development Books Ever Written post is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz..

One of the Four Agreements (al) is to not take things, especially criticism, personally.

On the face of it that sounds like a fairly easy thing to do, but the reality is it’s incredibly difficult for most people.

When anybody criticizes us, snubs us, argues with us, abuses us, laughs at us or irritates us we tend to think it’s all about us.

But it never is personal, unless we choose to allow it to be.

And yes it is a choice, because if anybody else could deal with a similar situation with equanimity then it’s the interpretation that you place upon the event that matters, not the event itself.

The reality is nobody knows you as well as you know yourself.

And if you accept that undeniable truth, then nobody can know exactly what’s going on inside your head at any one point in time.

Therefore, how can they be being personal when they don’t even know you?

It has to be about the other person and not you.

If you can adopt the behavior of never taking things personally, here’s what I guarantee will happen.

You’ll be a happier person.

So what do you reckon, do you fancy trying it out for a week?

Feel free to tell me this post is crap and I’m an idiot and see if I take it personally.

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