Why I Called The Suicide Prevention Hotline

Last week after a lot of thought I called the suicide prevention hotline.

I wasn’t about to self harm or kill myself, I just needed to start practicing what I preach.

As you may have guessed, I’m a very social and extroverted guy.

Other than maybe the money, the one thing I truly loved about sales was the team element, the camaraderie and the socializing.

Since moving to the US I have badly missed that and without Social Media I would have quit Life Coaching many years ago.

Social Media Has Kept Me Sane

Social Media has kept me sane on many occasions when the isolation was too much to bare.

I have been going through a difficult time recently.

Actually that’s not entirely true, things have been going great for me on a business front, but my wife has been suffering and her suffering has left me feeling helpless and a bit lonely.

I’ve been aware that I have slipped into feeling sorry for myself and dealing with it by eating and drinking too much and dwelling on shit that is out of my control, such as the health of my mother-in-law.

When I get into this state – and let’s be honest here, I’m talking about mild depression with some night time anxiety thrown in for good measure – my response is to withdraw and over think things.

My meditation practice goes south at exactly the time I need it the most and even my exercising drops off.

The nett result is I have put on 10lbs since this all started.

Not good for a man who’s weight has been static for 35 years.

Feeling Like A Fraud

Again let me be honest – I feel a bit like a fraud. I’m a Life Coach for fucks sake.

Fortunately, my own coach has stopped me sliding any further down the rabbit hole of feeling even more helpless in my ability to help my wife.

She works a hard job and spends most of her spare time working toward her doctorate as she worries about her mum’s serious illness and being so far away in her at her time of need.

Thank God for FaceTime and Skype.

I have to accept I cannot help her mum, I can only be around to support Helen and make life as easy for her as possible.

I know that helping people can have a massive beneficial effect which is why I called the suicide prevention hotline and will also call ‘The Samaritans‘ and ‘7 Cups of Tea‘ to find my best fit.

I do some free mentoring with other coaches and I love it. But and to me and it’s a fairly big but, it’s not quite the same as feeling like you may have saved somebodies life.

The Mastermind Group

One of the reasons I have set up the mastermind group* for next year is because I want to be part of a team again.

It’s been great having Karl Staib join me with Coach The Life Coach and even better finally meeting him in person last week, but for 2016 I want more.

I want to give more back and I want everyday to be filled with meaning. The tragic recent events have made me realize even more that putting off important shit, such as helping others is a road to regret.

Sorry if this has all been a bit self indulgent, but I wanted to share with it with you.

I’m a damn good Life Coach, but it doesn’t mean I have everything in life nailed on, because I don’t.

I’m moving in the right direction though and I’m more determined than you can possibly know to nail it next year and build a team of people through the Mastermind group who are unstoppable.

*It’s now almost certainly sold out as I have had way more people apply than there are places, but I may run a second. If you’re interested contact me within the next week.