The Cuteness of Being

I just watched this video blog as it posted to my YouTube Channel and noticed something very disturbing. Above my head are written the words “Victim Mindset”, “Gut Instinct” and most worrying of all; “I’m a loser”

I thought I’d written those phrases as ideas for a future posts, but maybe I hadn’t. Maybe it’s my unconscious’s way of announcing to the world that it thinks I’m a loser and a fraud with a victim mindset.

Oh well, I suppose I was bound to get found out sooner or later.

Anyway enough of all that because it’s now time for yet another highly informative and irresistible cute video post.

Sorry about YouTube clipping the beginning, but there is only about 3 seconds missing and it’s just me banging on about exploitation.

Oh and btw, when I said Ebay I meant YouTube, I was just very excited. This isn’t JUST a cute puppy video, there’s also a great message. It’s a short clip so you don’t have to suffer too long listening to me waffle on and have my toes sucked.

Could you benefit from acting like a puppy more often, and if so, how?