The Key to Achieving Every Goal You Set

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The Key to Achieving Every Goal You Set

The most common goal of many overweight people is to lose weight.

But we are starting to realize that the majority of these people aren’t getting closer to achieving this goal.

“The survey of 188 countries shows that nearly 30 percent of the global population, or 2.1 billion people, are either overweight or obese. Not a single country has lowered its obesity rate since 1980.

In fact, more than 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight. That is over 50% of the total population.

The truth is, it’s not only the overweight people that are finding it difficult to achieve their goals, even top companies constantly fails to reach their goals.

In the early 2000s, for example, General Motors set a goal to capture 29% of the U.S. auto market.

They even produced corporate pins for people to wear with No. 29 printed on them.

Needless to say they never achieved that goal, and without a government bailout, may not have survived.

To those who believe there’s some kind of research that supports goal setting, the truth is no such study exist.

So what really works when trying to achieve your goals and how can you achieve your biggest dreams without actually doing goal-setting?

The answers lies on this page, so stay with me until the end of this article. Make sure you do not skip any paragraph.

The Drive to Achieve

What’s does it mean?

Drive to Achieve is the desire within an individual to excel against any odds and to reach designated goals.

Having the “drive to achieve” isn’t the real key to reaching your goals but its the first step.

Backed by every burning desire is a drive and that’s the drive I’m talking about here.

If your goals lacks the required drive, it will still be difficult to realize them even when you have the key that will be handed over to you below.

Now that we’ve talked about having a desire, let’s discuss about the key to unlocking the door to success.

The Power of Repetition

Repetition is the key to achieving any goal you’ve set for yourself. It’s little known but it works like magic.

Now is the time to recognize that one task which if done on a consistent basis will help you realize your goals.

For example, Stephen King is one of the prolific writers in the United States.

In his book, ‘On Writing’, he said he has a goal to write 2000 words per day. It doesn’t matter how long it takes him, he just make sure he hit that goal for each day.

Stephen success has been widely claimed to be due to the repetition of this one simple task. Within three months, he was able to write the draft of a 180,000 word novel.

The same magic is available to you too.

If your goal is to become a popular blogger in the next few years, then you should commit to writing at least one post per day.

If you want to become a successful web designer, then you should commit certain hours per day to learning all the resources available online.

If your goal is to earn a university degree, make sure that you’re always enrolled in at least one university course. Taking time away from your schooling makes it much more difficult to get back into it, so don’t allow yourself to stop.

Once you have finished your first degree, go back to school and earn an advanced degree, if your chosen occupation calls for it.

For example, earning a Master of Social Work degree would put you on an excellent career trajectory and you can complete this degree one course at a time.

After you’ve acquired enough skills to get you started, you should further commit to putting your knowledge into use.

If your goal is to become great photographer, then you should commit to taking at least one photo per day or going on a daily adventure and taking 50 photos per day.

At first, you won’t have the perfect shot, but with time, every thing will begin to fall into place.

If your goal is to be physically fit, then you should commit some hours into participating in exercises that helps you achieve that goal almost every single day.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not making any progress, you’ll certainly learn from your mistakes and with time, you’ll improve yourself in this one activity that participating it would become almost automatic.

It’s not goal-setting that will help you achieve your goals.

The Key To Success

The key to success in any area of life is in actively doing, making consistent effort in that one skill.

When you rely too much on goal-setting, you’ll continue to focus on the outcomes and fantasizing instead of putting huge volume of work required to help you achieve your goals.

You want to see progress in your life?

The only way to get that is in putting in consistent effort in that activity that moves you forward.

If you focus too much on the goal and ignore repetitive actions that will make it happen, you won’t achieve your goal.

But if you ignore the goal and instead focus on the repetitive actions that will make it happen, you’ll still achieve your goal.

It’s time to forget everything about goal setting.

Instead, challenge yourself to put in enough and consistent daily efforts… That is what would make your dream come true.

Now that we know how effective repetitions can help us realize our biggest dreams, let’s quickly talk about the three ways you should begin applying it starting from today.

Mastery Comes Through Repetition

One of the major problems attached with most new goals is, they often demand the need to learn a new skill.

Before you can achieve a goal, you may need to develop mastery in the skill connected with that goal. The fastest way to do that is through repetition.

If realizing a goal is really important to you, make it a daily commitment to repeat the skill that’ll achieve your goal.

After you’ve hit your goal, you’ll not only be happy for achieving your dream, you’ll also have a new invaluable skill.

Repetition Makes Big and Boring Tasks Easy

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

—Mark Twain

If your goal is to write a 360,000 word book, you may feel intimidated and never get started.

We often think of what can be achieved within a short period of time and frequently disregard what can be accomplished over a long period of time.

I think this is the reason why so many people are still living a miserable life today.

If you really want to achieve something worthwhile in life, you’ve got to learn how to break tasks or goals down into tiny pieces.

Going back to the book example, you can commit to writing 2,000 words per day.

Six months later, you’ll have achieved your goal of writing a 360,000 word book.

Getting started helps you move forward, and through the wonders of repetition, you’ll begin to feel less intimidated by big and boring tasks.

We Create Habits Through Repetition

The more you get in contact with something, the more you like and embrace it.

Repetition can either make or break you. It depends on what you choose to do with it.

For example, if you constantly eat unhealthy foods or indulge yourself in any unhealthy habits, you’ll become ingrained in it and it will become very difficult to quit.

You’ll be slowly killing your body as a result of this.

But if you repeatedly choose to eat healthy foods, you’ll have less sick days and your body will be in good balance.

With repetition, you can quickly form any new habits.

Watch anything you’re repeatedly doing, is it helping or hurting you?

If any habits you repeatedly do have negative consequences, it’s time you use the power of repetition to turn it into reverse.

With repetition, you can start living the life you want to live by creating the right habits.


Repetition can transform your entire world and start moving you towards actualizing your biggest dreams.

What’s the goal you’ll like to reach in the next few years?

And what one skill, if repeated daily will continue to move you toward this goal?

Tell in comments. I’ll like to read from you too.

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