Would You Like To Help The People Of Texas?

When events like the storm that battered Texas this last week happen I always feel a sense of helplessness and frustration.

It seems to me that any disaster, whether natural or manmade, always punishes those people who are already suffering the most.

I guess life isn’t very fair at all.

I don’t have the ability to physically help the people in Texas as I’m sans boat and 1,500 miles away, but maybe together we can help them?

A couple of weeks ago I closed my doors to new clients until mid-October as I was struggling for availability.

However, I think may be I can free up some spare time for a very special reason.

If you wanted to hire me for my Gold Package (details here) it would cost you $999, but I want to auction a place.

Here is how it is going to work if you would like to partner with me.

If you’re interested go to the comments section below and make an offer.

You don’t need to give your full name or contact details (unless you are ok with that) as I will be able to see your email address (you do need to fill that field in, but nobody else can see it) and will contact you directly if necessary.

The starting point has to be $250, so no silly stuff of rolling the dice on 5 bucks and hoping everybody else ignores me!

I will take the highest bid presuming that is I think we’re a good fit, so I may need to have a quick chat with you if you win.

I will then invoice you for the amount you bid and we’ll donate 100% of that money to charities working in Texas.

I say WE will donate because I’ll ask you to chose one charity, then I’ll pick a different one and we will split the money 50/50.

I will then upload the receipts to this post so people can see where it’s gone and we set up dates to start coaching and everybody wins.

If you’re not interested in working with me but know somebody who might be, please let them know.

I will close this on Friday 1st at 5pm EST and contact the winner.