Do You Believe In The Law of Attraction?

If you are a regular reader here you know that, at best, I am skeptical about the Law of Attraction.

Ok scratch that. I’m not skeptical at all.

I think as it’s explained by the vast majority of ‘experts’ it’s beyond a joke, which is why I wrote the post ‘The Law of Attraction Is A Con‘.

It’s also why I am constantly wondering why so many Law of Attraction Experts (sic) can’t manifest any coaching clients.

Unless of course it’s a pyramid scheme with the very top manifesters getting all the clients?

Heaven forbid.

Physicists openly mock it and the ludicrous suggestion by the likes of mega-guru Deepak Chopra that it can be explained by quantum mechanics.

Myself and my co-host on the RawVoicesPodcast, Olivier Lavor, had the pleasure of being joined by real life physicist (not an endocrinologist as Chopra is) last week.

Philip Moriarty does this shit for a living. He studies and teachers physics rather than jabbering away about it from a point of ignorance.

Note: Olivier is on vacation, but the podcast will be uploaded early next week.

Quantum Bollocks

Philip is chomping at the bit at the thought of going head-to-head in a live debate with Chopra as he sees him as being genuinely dangerous to science.

Alas, I suspect Mr Chopra is too busy confusing people with his nonsensical ramblings on quantum bollocks to take up such a challenge.

It would be like putting Muhammed Ali in his prime, in the ring with chess grand master Gary Kasparov.

I have no doubt Kasparov could kick Ali’s butt at chess, but the odds on him beating the sublime Ali in the ring would be about the same as me coming up with the Grand Unified Theory by the end of this post.

The Law of Attraction is a lovely idea and it does what religion in all its guises does.

It also does what buying a lottery ticket does.

It offers hope.

It maybe a false hope, but any hope is better than no hope to many people.

Those who have zero hope in life are apt to end it sooner than necessary, so it’s easy to prey on such people by selling them a quick fix.

Batman Is Dead

You may have heard the story of the millionaire Lenny Robinson from Maryland who had a Lamborghini Gallardoto custom made to look like the Batmobile

He would dress up as Batman and then drive to local children’s hospitals to cheer up seriously and terminally ill children, even taking them for a drive in the Batmobile.

He’s dead.

He had stopped at the side of the road after he encountered engine problems.

As he looked under the hood another car plowed into the back of the Batmobile killing him instantly.

I can’t quite figure out who manifested his untimely death.

But if you’re a Law of Attraction believer, maybe you can help me out?

Was it Lenny himself?

Was it the driver of the other car?

Or was it all the kids who won’t have the pleasure of seeing their hero again?

It’s a conundrum, isn’t it?

Do You Believe In The Law of Attraction?

If you have the balls to answer that, please do so in the comments.

Then I would like to invite you on to our podcast.

Philip has kindly agreed to come back and debate the Law of Attraction from a physicists point of view, and you would be most welcome to put him right.

Here’s what I can promise you.

We will be highly respectful. We will not mock you or disparage you in any way.

So what do you say, are you up for the challenge?

Or are you clinging on to false hope because life is fucking hard and the Law of Attraction is the easy way out?

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