The Silva Method: What Is It and How Can It Help You?

Today’s post is a guest post from Jarmilar Gordon on The Silva Mind Control Method.

How many times have you come across a great personal development product that is actually applicable and hands-on in the real world?

You can attend workshops, go to retreats in Bali, read books by the greatest thinkers, listen to CDs, watch DVDs and be inspired over and over again, but at the end of the day, unless you apply the teachings, nothing will change.

That is what sets the Silva Method apart. It consists of exercises that you can use every day to solve real-life problems.

Yes. SOLVE real-life problems, not just deal with esoteric concepts like the subconscious mind and universal consciousness… but while you’re solving everyday problems, you are also learning the art of self-mastery, aka mind control.


The Silva Method was developed by Jose Silva, who believed that 90% of our actions are governed by the logical, intellectual, objective left hemisphere.

Unfortunately, relying on left-brain thinking limits us to always trying to solve problems using “what is.” For example: you see that you have no money so you work with available choices like cutting out the cable TV and carpooling.

All of this creates a great deal of stress because you feel that the solution to your problems is external and the future is not in your control. Not only is this stressful, but disempowering as well.

Silva recognized the importance of using both hemispheres and increasing an individual’s intuitive and creative abilities.

When the right and left brain hemispheres work together – and you overcome your conditioned disbelief of the wildly creative and sometimes “out there” ideas of the right hemisphere, you can solve problems in a very holistic and effective way.

The Mind is Everything

Since everything begins in the mind, you can learn to use the powers of the mind deliberately to create circumstances instead of unconsciously reacting to circumstances. The trick is to create the right thoughts (thought-images) in the imagination before taking action. Result? A huge self-esteem boost, increased personal power, and yes, the problems get solved.

The basic philosophy of the Silva Method is that you become a conscious creator of your life when you enter a higher level of mental functioning called the alpha level (at a brainwave frequency of 8-13 Hz).

This brain activity state is usually associated with daydreaming and hypnosis. It’s where you bypass your mind’s objections and allow intuition and creativity for enhanced problem-solving.

The technique has been used by millions of people to improve their lives. You can use Silva techniques to manage pain, build self-esteem, get control of your emotions, come up with great ideas to solve problems, lose weight, stop smoking, become a confident public speaker… and more.

As you develop mastery of these exercises, personal growth happens organically. You will go through a proven step-by-step process of self-mastery that will unleash your mind’s true potential.

Yeah, yeah, that’s what they all say, right? Consider an interesting concept: you are not using your mind to its highest potential because you believe you can’t.

If you believed you could, you would already be doing everything you’ve dreamed of doing. You’d be… a rock star, brain surgeon, Olympian, inventor, explorer, National Geographic photographer, CEO, best-selling author or….?

What Do You Want To Accomplish?

The Silva Method uses the power of visualization, positive thinking and self-reprogramming exercises to create the mental environment for success. You have to see what you want in your mind before you can create it!

These are the most effective tools for creating that mental image and for getting past the mental roadblocks that insist “you can’t.”

The guided exercises start by teaching you to enter the relaxed alpha level. Then you move on to solving specific problems.

One real-life problem is pain. We all experience pain, whether it’s from a paper cut to chronic illness. Instead of reaching for painkillers, did you know that you can manage pain using your mind?

The Silva Glove Anesthesia exercises teaches you to use visualization and mental distraction (re-focusing on something else) to manage pain.

It’s a similar concept to when a child falls down and gets a bloody knee, and the mother gives the child a quick “I love you” cuddle and then distracts the child with a toy; the child immediately forgets about the pain. It’s not like the injury disappeared miraculously, but the pain is gone.

The alpha level is essentially meditation (although no Lotus position is required!). Meditation is a time when you can literally “hear yourself think.” You become very aware of your mind chatter and the general tone of what it incessantly goes on and on about.

It’s also a time to develop laser-beam focus of your mental energy on what you want and gain spiritual awareness.

Another benefit of functioning in the alpha level is enhanced intuition. We all have hunches and gut feelings, but how many of us are truly comfortable listening to our intuitive guidance?

We often dismiss hunches as not based in reality, made up, etc. However, there is more to life than what we perceive with the five senses. Some information comes energetically! Learning to access and listen to your intuition makes decision-making a lot easier.

Learning to use your intuition is like getting an extra helping of “good luck” – you don’t know why you feel the need to take action on something, you just know you have to. It feels right, and the outcome is positive! When you marry logic and intuition, the right (genius) solution presents itself.

Get What You Want With The Silva Method

The basic building blocks of manifesting your desires are: desire, belief and expectancy. We all have desires; but believing and expecting that these desires will manifest… not so easy!

Too many doubts get in the way; too many “reality checks” intrude. Most of us believe that hard work, sacrifice and a hefty dose of luck is what it takes to succeed – and while action IS a necessary component of success, unless your mindset (your beliefs and emotions) and your goals are aligned, you will self-sabotage at every opportunity, often without having a clue that you are getting in your own way!

Where the Silva Method really shines is helping you develop your belief in what can go right (as opposed to belief in what can go wrong) and helping you relax and allow your desires to manifest instead of sabotaging your best efforts.

Positive thinking is a necessary component of success. It’s not an “I’m in denial” mindset in the face of adversity; it’s not putting on a fake happy smile; positive thinking means developing the understanding that what you think about comes about, and it is much nicer to have the good things in life than the bad, so to get the good, you must think the good.

Isn’t it better to train your mind to focus on what can go right? You already know how to think negatively if you worry. Maintaining a positive attitude is the exact opposite: you become excited at the possibilities, optimistic about the future, and with practice these thoughts become thought patterns and then they become ingrained as part of your belief system.

Food for thought:

What’s the difference between the images of worry that race around in your mind stressing you out, and images of what you want? There is no difference. They are both made up! One will lead to a positive outcome and the other will not. It’s that simple.

Life happens. It’s what you say to yourself and the mental images you create when it happens, that determines your success!

Would you like to learn how to stay calm in all situations? Even when your mother-in-law is making you see red? Use the Silva Relaxation Exercise to cool down immediately.

Use the Mirror of the Mind to mentally rehearse any performance (how you’re going to close a sale, win the race, eliminate anxiety, have a difficult conversation with someone, etc.). Use the Glass of Water technique to creatively problem-solve while you sleep. Would you like to break a bad habit, sleep better and wake up without an alarm?

“There’s an exercise for that!”

With all of the Silva hands-on, practical exercises, you solve your everyday problems and learn to control your mind. Like the Buddha said, “The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” The Silva Method is your gateway to success. Control your mind, and you can do and have anything you desire!

About Jarmila Gorman

Jarmila is a writer in the personal development niche with a strong – and ever-growing – desire to help people create their dream lives. She is a passionate student of the amazing abilities and potential of the human mind.  Jarmila is a writer with a goal to inspire you to LIVE your life, on purpose, out loud and with a big smile on your face. You can find more of Jarmila’s articles on meditation at the Silva Method Life.

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