Life Coaching Or Life Coach Training For Free

I am putting up for grabs $700 worth of free Life Coaching.

Or if you prefer, a $1,000 worth of Life Coach training at Coach the Life Coach all for a click of your mouse.

All you have to do to get shot at it is click here and like my Facebook page.

That sounds too easy, right? There must be some strings attached, surely?

There actually aren’t and it is that simple and here are the details.

On February 1st 2014 I am going to pick out a random Facebook subscriber and offer them the choice of either my Gold Coaching Package or the opportunity to join the next Coach The Life Coach course starting on March 2nd.

If you’re a Life Coach (or want to be one) and are in any doubt of the courses value here are couple of random pieces of feedback I have had from the first couple of courses.

“Just what you need for starting out as a life coach. Tim presents it all in his typical no-nonsense style which is not only enjoyably witty, but is full of learned experience from years in the field. Didn’t want it to end to be honest. Worth every penny!” – Bill Thornhill

Taking Tim’s course was a brilliant business decision on my part.  I feel as if I walked away with much more than I paid for.  Tim is very generous with his time and knowledge.  The things he shared with my group are making a significant difference in the way I practice and market myself.   Well worth the time and investment!!Tracy Coan

I Said There Were No Strings

Ok, so there are a couple of pieces of string attached to this offer, but they are the same bits of string that I attach to any of my Life Coaching packages as a matter of due diligence.

  • We will need to do a consult so I’m sure I can help
  • f you are suffering from severe depression (or any mental illness), anger-management issues or think The Tea Party are way too Liberal, we’re probably not going to be a good fit
  • You also need to have a good Internet connection or reliably land line. if I can’t speak to you or see you it makes coaching somewhat difficult
  • If you’re in a timezone that sits between 11 and 13 hours forward of EST you’re going to have to be very flexible. I only see clients between the hours of 12 noon and 7pm EST so you do the math of whether this will work with you.
  • The sessions are not transferable or redeemable for my hard earned cash

Other than that, it’s pretty straight forward.

How Do I Get My Free Life Coaching or Training?

As I say I will pick a random person from my Facebook page on February 1st. I will then post that persons name on my Facebook page only and they then have 24 hours to claim the coaching or training.

If after 24 hours they haven’t claimed it then I’ll pick another name and the same deal starts all over again.

I shall post a name every day until somebody claims the offer.

However, if nobody has claimed by February 28th I’ll ask people to leave a comment in a Facebook thread and I‘ll then pick a name from that list at random.

Speaking Of Free Stuff

If you’re a Life Coach or merely have a website that you’d like to get more traffic to you’ll be glad you checked out this post.

Image: ‘Free Tobet’ Courtesy of gábor