Life Coach On A Hero’s Journey

Your life is a story that you are writing every day. Every day you get up and have the chance to add another chapter of your own hero’s journey. That is what your life should be, a hero’s journey. By that I don’t mean you should be riding around on horseback in a very fetching loincloth looking for dragons to slay and princesses (or princes) to save. What I mean is that you should be doing whatever it is that makes you think you’re a hero. You can be a hero in whatever you do simply by giving your best. Your best will vary in terms of performance but it will always be your best. You can be the best parent, the best partner, the best employee or employer, the best life coach, or even the best pole dancer if that’s what does it for you. (If it is the last one a link would be nice please ;-)) When you commit to being your best you truly are acting like a genuine hero.


If life were that easy why would so many people feel so dissatisfied with it you may be thinking?


It’s because they don’t really believe that they are the author of their own story. They think that external forces dictate their life and that they simply have no control of their destiny. Simply put, they refuse to believe that it can be that easy because they’ve been told life is tough and nothing comes easy! I suppose that’s one way of looking at things.


I frequently have life coaching clients make statements like the following to me:


I can’t control my thoughts
I’m a failure
I can’t lose weight
Other people run my life
My boss stresses me out
I’m stuck in my life
I’ll never quit smoking
I just can’t say no


The weird thing is that they’re actually true when they say them to me, and the reason they’re true is because they believe they’re true. They are telling me the story of their life and by doing so they continue to reinforce and embed it.


What story are you telling yourself and others and does it serve you? If not, why not change it? Oh I know, because it’s true! You can back it up with evidence and prove to me it’s true. Well yes, of course you can, but why would you want to? It doesn’t have to be like that. From today you can start to plot a happy ending if you really want to, but you do have to want to badly enough.


The stories you tell yourself and others about your life are absolutely critical so tell good ones. IN fact scratch that, tell GREAT ones. Tell yourself that you can lose weight, you can quit smoking or you can slide around on slippy poles and still look fantastic. Realize that your past is just that, your past, and it doesn’t dictate your future, unless you allow it to.


Well go on then. Don’t just sit there staring into space, start composing a great story that has a brilliant, stunning, fabulously gorgeous hero in it called you.