Is Self Development Dead?

Is Self Development Dead?

I dunno, I really don’t.

I have been writing self development articles for almost exactly a decade and I’m not sure what there is left to say.

I have talked about my own difficulties in terms of anxiety and to a lesser extent depression. And I have talked about every topic self development covers under the sun.

If you doubt me, browse the archives and you will be greeted by over 1,000 different posts talking about all sorts of different topics.

I have bared my soul whilst having fun and hoping, really hoping, some people are getting something from my posts that they can walk away with and implement and create a better life.

I have also made a fool of myself by admitting my mistakes and also being suckered into the likes of the get rich schemes that proliferate in (our) industry.

Thankfully, now I can spot them a mile off and can tell them to go fuck themselves, when I get yet another lame joint venture offer

But I’m not sure that real lasting change happens from a simple blog post no matter how much we would like to think differently (and no, that is not a cue to tell me I’m wrong – because the people who have drifted away feeling as though they weren’t helped aren’t here now).

I struggle to come up with new exciting ideas that I haven’t read about a hundred times.

And I really don’t want to fucking bore the arse off you.

Where’s The Motive?

I think I have become cynical of self development blogs and the motives of many of those who write them.


Money is such a low motivator for me that I actually have to force myself to market myself and Coach the Life Coach.

With the latter I’d be fucked quite frankly if the marvelous Karl and Kate didn’t push me.

I don’t do this shit for the money, I do it because (twee though it may sound) I want to make a difference.

In fact, I yearn to make a real difference.

But I’m not at all sure I really do. In fact I think any difference I make is minimal at best.

Having said that, as my subscriber list to my newsletter has grown, so my blog readership has dwindled.

Do you know why?

Because the blog is either crap, there’s too much competition, or most people prefer to read blogs that ‘can’ help them make money or offer to change their life instantly.


Change takes hard work, not the reading of a blog post written by some twenty-something who has read ‘Think And Grow Rich’ and thinks he or she has sussed life out.

You suss life out the day you die. No sooner, no later in my humble opinion.

Maybe Enough is Enough

I’m a middle-aged bald Limey guy who has read a helluva lot of self development books but still doesn’t understand life, or have the big answer.

I want to lash out at the far right and that total wanker, Trump (please, please don’t allow his jingoistic rhetoric to persuade you he is remotely credible – he scares the shit out of, not just me, but most of Europe).

Equally I want to lash out at radicalism and at injustice in whatever form it takes, whether that is religious, sexuality, creed or color.

Just because I despise Trump, doesn’t mean the people he attacks necessarily get a free pass.

I want to support the marginalized in our Society even though I admit I am not one of them.

But the fact is, I’m not sure how to do that and stay within the boundaries of what people expect from me.

I don’t know where this blog is going because I’m not sure I can stomach another ‘7 ways….’ type post.

There are sites that do that and offer nothing but temporary solace and I don’t want to do that.

I want to help people make change and that requires one-on-one work, not banal blog posts.

Writing a blog post or book requires generalization.

And generalization doesn’t really work for most people

I’m not sure there is a point to this post other than I plan on running a couple of guest posts whilst I get my shit together and figure out if I want another 10 years of this.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you.