The Best Piece Of Self Development Advice is Back!

Life Coach teaching kidsBefore I get into today’s post let me ask you a couple of questions:

Are you the kind of person that procrastinates about important tasks and always waits until the last minute to do them, and you can’t quite work out why?

And/or do you have children that resist going to bed when you tell them to, resulting in a protracted battle of wills ending up in tantrums and tears. And the kids aren’t happy either?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, then I have great news for you.

My first newsletter since my move to Aweber has just gone out and it covers both those issues, and gives you solutions too.

Woo-hoo baby!

So if you’re interested, sign up at the bottom of the post or in the blue box in the left sidebar. You also get my ebook The 50 Greatest Motivational Quotes Of All Time – And Why? that one reader recently described as “fairly interesting” and another said “not bad at all Tim

Does it get any better than that?

I think not!

The Best Piece Of Self Development Advice is Back!

Rarely does a month go by when I don’t get asked by another Life Coach or self development blogger what my best piece of coaching advice is. I must confess that even though I’ve answered that question numerous times, I’d be lying if I said I always gave the same answer.

I have two dogs and as you can imagine, I love them both to bits. Being asked to give my favorite piece of self development advice feels a bit like being asked to pick my favorite hound, I simply cannot do it.

Having said that, I often feel obliged to give an answer even if I regret it later when my mood changes or I think of something else.

Last summer I ran a post asking for your Greatest Piece Of Self Development Advice and I got some stormers.

Unfortunately though, I didn’t really do anything with the follow up post, other than announce the ‘winner’. As such, all that really cool advice largely went to waste in the comments, rather that reaching a wider audience.

This time it will be different though, because I want to follow up with a post highlighting what I think are the best ones. How many that will be? I have no idea as it really depends on you and how many answers I get, but probably about 20 or so.

What’s In It For You?

I will give an hours free coaching/consulting valued at $250, to a random person that enters a suggestion I then use in the follow up post, as well as a free copy of How To Be Rich and Happy.

Or if everything in their world is totally hunky dory and couldn’t be better, they can have a $25 Amazon voucher*

I will combine the best comments in a post. If you have a blog or a website I will also link to you so you can grab some traffic and lovely Google juice as well as looking like the self development genius you undoubtedly are!

That’s like writing a guest post for me without having to actually go to the trouble of writing a guest post for me.

I had planned on giving it to the ‘winner’, but quite honestly, I know that will just stress me out deciding which is the best one and I’m fine and dandy being unstressed thanks very much

These are the rules and there are NO exceptions.

Your piece of advice must be no longer than 50 words and I do NOT want an explanation of why you like it. Just the advice ma’am, just the advice.

It must be left in the comments. Not only will I not take answers via e-mail I will delete them and not reply. I’m serious about this because I get enough e-mails as it is!

Do not enter your URL in the body of the comment or it will get snagged by my spam filter.

If two answers are similar or even effectively the same (and I expect this), then I will chose the one that I think is explained most clearly and concisely. So don’t worry about what other people say.

I will leave this open until Friday 20th May at 6.00pm EST and then post the best ones the following week.

So whatchya waiting for? Dazzle me with your brilliance!

*I will use a random number generator to decide the winner. If the winner prefers the Amazon voucher (sniff) I must point out it will only work at There is no cash equivalent or exchange. So if you live in Kurdistan and don’t want coaching and can’t access, you’ll have to trade it for a goat or something.

How To Be Rich and Happy can be either hard copy or ebook if the winner is in the US. If he or she lives anywhere else (including Canada) it will be either the ebook or Kindle version.