Are You A Life Coach, Or Do You Want To Be A Life Coach?

Life Coach keeping on top of thingsIf you’re not a Life Coach and you have no intention of ever becoming a Life Coach this post is not for you and normal service will be resumed next time. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Since I first became certified as a Life Coach in 2005 I’ve always really enjoyed working with other Life Coaches. To date I’m guessing I’ve worked with close on 50 other coaches and I’ve loved every minute of it.

The coaching model I am trained in is Co-Active Coaching which requires, largely speaking, that the coach ask great questions designed to help the client tap into their own internal resources and find equally great answers.

Unfortunately, not every client responds to that approach as well as the theory suggests, so I definitely step out of that model from time to time and into more of a “Let me show you” type of roll.

Strictly speaking the Life Coaching Police could probably have me beaten to a bloody pulp for acting in such a manner, but I like moving quickly with clients and if I think that’s the best course of action, then I’ll take it.

What I love about working with other Life Coaches I get to flick about all over the place because they’re usually looking for help in multiple areas and not just straight forward coaching.

I’m considering putting together a package purely and simply designed for other Life Coaches. I’m not just talking about newbie or wannabe coaches either, although they may find it the most useful.

I know from experience how hard it is to make money as a Life Coach and that a lot of coaches are under the gun at the moment.

Unfortunately, as the almost 400 Life Coach training companies in the US continue spit out Life Coach after Life Coach, it isn’t likely to get easier any time soon.

Even a lot of experienced coaches are struggling and seeing their client base eroded by newcomers that understand how to market themselves online better than they do.

The Plan

I’d like to work with just 2 other Life Coaches over a period of about 6 months to help them grow their business as well as improve their Life Coaching skills. And who knows, maybe even do a bit of ‘normal’ coaching.

I’m not clear exactly how I want to work this and that will be reflected in the price because I’m effectively looking for 2 cute guinea pigs!

As I said the sessions will be split up over 6 months because this allows us to deal with issues as they arise.

I would want to do the first 2 x 1 hour sessions fairly close together, but after that they would be monthly, unless we both agreed otherwise.

Session 1 – This will be the intake sessions where I do some drilling down on what you really want out of the process

Session 2 – Here we will take a close look at values. I will teach you how I do the process with my clients as well as giving you my forms to brand.

This is without doubt the most important work I do with clients and if you a Life Coach that doesn’t do value work, then you’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice.

After that all bets are off, because we tailor things to meet your specific needs, both personally and professionally.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

I have a wealth of business experience that you can draw from. I have been involved in 3 start up businesses and was a highly successful (in terms of results, because I actually hated it) salesperson.

I also understand what’s needed to build a successful business online and how to make a blog work (i.e. supply clients).

I also like to think I’m a very good Life Coach and can help any other coach become better (not that I can’t become better too, because I can!) at their craft.

  • 4 x 1 hour sessions either via skype or phone
  • 4 x 30 minute power sessions either via skype or phone
  • Unlimited e-mail support

How Much Is It?

As I say I want guinea pigs that are prepared to be flexible and offer honest and constructive feedback and maybe even a testimonial if I roll this out in 2012.

I don’t do a package like this at the moment, but if/when I do, it will probably be in the region of $1,200.

However, I’m willing to take on two people for only $597* per person

I am not going to say I’ll take the first two people that apply and you must hurry, because it’s more important that I get the right people.

Having said that, if the first two people that contact me are great fits then I’ll close it down.

I’ve closed comments on this post, so if you are interested please use my contact form telling me exactly why you think we’d be a great fit.


* Payment must be paid in full prior to coaching commencing and there will be no refunds for any unused sessions. And I almost certainly will not make you get on a treadmill and then whip you.