10 Things Successful People Do That Make Them Successful

I got approached by a journalist recently and asked if I’d mind contributing to an article he was writing about successful people.

He asked me to name a few things that I thought separated highly successful people from everybody else.

I presumed he meant successful in the Societal sense of the word because my own definition of success is simply somebody who’s happy.

And as such, I do think it’s possible to be happy without employing all of the below.

Anyway, I never heard  back from the guy after I sent him my thoughts, so he either thought they were crap and didn’t use them or he’s an ungrateful bastard!

In any event I thought I’d share it with you today and not spend a lovely Sunday afternoon writing.

1. They Don’t Fear Fear

Everybody experiences fear from time to time (I know I do every time I get up top deliver a speech), it’s hard-wired into our DNA.

What separates the successful from the also-rans is the way the former push through fear and don’t let it dictate what they do.

They understand that fear is only an emotion and as such cannot in and of itself hurt them.

What can hurt them however, is having fear dictate their actions.

2. They Reframe

Reframing is one of the most powerful tools I can ever teach a client and it’s something that all super successful people are highly adept at.

Reframing is simply taking control of how you think about any given situation and seeing the good in the bad. It is not delusional or simply positive thinking because we never change the event itself, just the way we see it.

Thomas Edison’s quote, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work” is a classic reframe.

Edison could easily have become discouraged and given up in his quest to invent a long lasting electric light bulb.

However, his ability to see every failure as a step nearer the solution allowed him to retain control and focus on the end result that he is now famous for.

3. They Align With Their Core Values

Core values are what drive you as a person and they are the very very core of your Being.

Successful people not only understand what their own core values are but more importantly, they align with them.

Therefore, if they have a core value of ‘Health’, they don’t eat pizza for breakfast, smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and drink a case of beer every night.

They make choices that are consistent with their values irrespective of whether that means they occasionally have to give up short-term pleasure for long-term happiness (more below).

4. They Ask Good Questions And Listen Well

Highly successful people are usually great listeners. They don’t try and create solutions before they have fully grasped what the problem is in the first place.

You cannot do that if you’re not prepared to ask questions and then actively listen.

They also have a strong tendency to be able to listen to and interpret their own gut instincts and act on them accordingly.

We all get gut instincts (also called rapid cognition) from time to time, but the majority of people override them because they don’t always make sense at the conscious level and then they end up saying:

Damn, I knew I should have done that!”

5. They Delegate Well & Focus On What They Are Best At

Everybody has a finite amount of things they do well and these are called core competencies.

Successful people focus on what they love and what they do well and get help with everything else.

They aren’t afraid to let go of control in areas where they know they don’t excel. Almost every super successful person has a team of excellent people around them.

6. They Are Tenacious

If you pick up any biography of a famous person you won’t have to read too far in before you get a sense of how persistent and tenacious that person is or was.

Successful people don’t quit at the first hurdle, they don’t accept the first ‘no’ and they don’t listen to other people who can’t wait to tell them their idea is bound to fail.

They often have a strong sense that what they are doing will either succeed or take them one step closer to succeeding and as such they stay on the path.

7. They Put Off Immediate Gratification

We all love a bit of immediate gratification from time to time, but highly successful people are great at seeing and understanding the big picture.

And because of that, they realize that sometimes sacrificing pleasure now for happiness later is the wisest course of action.

As such they don’t have that extra cookie, skip the gym even because they’re or a bit tired or dick around all day watching videos on YouTube or reading motivational quotes that they never act on.

8. They Don’t Worry About Work/Life Balance

The phrase work/life balance sucks because work is a part of life and you cannot separate the two.

Successful people are doing stuff they love to do and as such don’t need to worry about any balancing act, they just get on with what it is that they love to do..

9. The Are Cool With Failing

Successful people know that failing at something is not the same as being a failure.

They also know that unless they are prepared to fail and be ok with that, then paradoxically they are exponentially less likely to learn new important lessons and secure long lasting success.

10. They Put Themselves First

Not in a selfish kind of way, but in the “If I don’t look after myself in terms of physical and mental health, then I’m useless to those around me” kind of way.

They don’t feel guilty for scheduling a 30 minute meditation or going to the gym and they don’t run themselves into the ground trying to make other people happy all the time.

So what do you reckon? I’m sure I’ve missed some so tell me in the comments.